Are you planning a tour to Spain and searching what the best things to do in Estepona are?  Estepona is one of the most beautiful places in Spain with breathtaking sceneries and marvellous tourist attractions. With the enclosure of mountains and the Mediterranean, Estepona is full of surprises.

There are several things you could do with friends and family in Estepona. Most of the exquisite attractions are natural, thus increasing the appeal of the place. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic place for kids. The town has many playgrounds and parks to keep your children busy. This is another reason for a family traveller to travel to Estepona, Spain. With all these attributes, there can be no chance of boredom.

Today’s blog post will help you explore the fantastic things to do in Estepona and plan how to visit the highlights of Estepona. Read on. Catch on. Read on!

Why Should You Travel To Estepona?

Estepona hasn’t been a very famous town as most people prefer trips to neighbouring, more famous places like Fuengirola and Torremolinos. This doesn’t mean that Estepona gets left behind when it comes to tourism. Estepona caters foreign just as well as other attraction places.

A cool reason for taking a trip to Estepona is its astounding beaches. There are a total of 10 fantastic beaches in Estepona, namely — Galera, Bahia Dorada, Arroyo Vaquero, Costa Natura, and more. Estepona is a haven for several gorgeous plants and flowers. Due to the much natural base of this town, it’s likely to home some of the most elegant blossoms in the world. Another reason for travelling to Estepona is the food variety of the area. The most famous food among all in Estepona is Seafood. The town comprises of several seafood restaurants with delicious food items.

5 Best Fun Things to Try Out in Estepona

During your stay in Estepona, you will need a list of things you want to accomplish before leaving. Listed below are the most fun activities you could do to keep yourself busy in Estepona.

1. Take a Trip to Playa De La Rada

After reading the article until now, you must know that beaches are a speciality of Estepona. This is one of the main tourist attractions in the town. If you visit Estepona, it’s a necessity to visit the beach once or twice during your stay. Playa Da La Rada is the largest beach in Estepona, with a length of 2.5 kilometres. The beach consists of several palm trees planted on the beachfront.

Furthermore, the presence of play areas makes them great for kids as well. Volleyball courts are present to keep the tourists busy. Playa Da La Rada is the perfect destination if you’re looking for some fun during your visit.

Play Golf in Estepona Spain

2. Play Golf

Whether you’re a competitive player or a beginner, it is highly recommended to play golf during your stay. You will love it.  Estepona is home to some of the best golf courses in Spain. There are a total of 31 golf clubs near Estepona. Furthermore, some of the best globally known golf players have grown up in Estepona. If you’re an individual that takes golf seriously, you should unquestionably visit Valle Romano. This club comes with a maximum handicap of 28 for gents and 36 for ladies. Next to Estepona, there are also some great Golf opportunities in Cyprus.

3. Sea diving and Surfing is an Awesome thing to Try Out In Estepona

Another fun activity to do while in Estepona is sea diving and surfing. Atalaya beach in Estepona is a perfect place for surfing. Atalaya beach will surely complete your water sports needs. Moreover, Surfing lessons are provided to beginners. The Estepona Dive Centre provides scuba diving facilities to visitors. The seawater is clean and safe from harmful fishes. The Mediterranean produces the best waves attracting young people to surf. People from several different categories can be found on these beaches. People come here to relax, surf, dive, or spend time with their friends.

Top of the lighthouse in Estepona Spain

4. Visit Estepona Lighthouse

The Estepona lighthouse is another excellent place to visit before you depart. It is located before the fishing port. The lighthouse dates back to the 19th century. It reaches a height of 69 feet and is a great attraction.

5. Red Sky Sunset over Marina’s Sky

The last thing you need to be doing is taking an excellent glance at the Marina sunset. Marina is another scenic spot. The natural blend of colours meeting your eyes is sure to be a pleasing sight. Take your loved one with you, and this will be a memorable journey for both of you. Do not miss this opportunity to behold the magnificence of nature.

3 Highly Recommended Destinations to Stay In Estepona

Estepona is most famous because of tourism. Therefore, it must be a necessity for the town to have exceptional hotels and resorts for tourists to stay. Likewise, Estepona has world-class hotels that are affordable. Here are some of the best hotel choices for you and your family to stay:

1.Bonito LofAcogedor ( room prices start from 36 USD)

This is a very comfortable and cosy place to stay. It’s situated approximately 15 minutes from Marbella. This apartment is surrounded by famous restaurants and bars for you and your friends to enjoy your stay.

2.Villa Padierna Palace Hotel G.L.( room prices start from 448 USD)

This apartment provides more of a royal nature. Surrounded by three golf courses and just a minute away from the beach, this could be the most delightful option for visitors.

3. Elba EsteponaGran Hotel &ThalassoSpa (room prices start from 185 USD)

This is just another luxury hotel that allows you to enjoy your stay to the fullest. It is just a 2-minute walk away from the beach. All the rooms are adorned with the best decor.

Estepona Appartments


Planning to Stay Long Term in Estepona?

If you want to stay for more than a few weeks there is also the opportunity for renting long term in Estepona. Whether you like to stay just for a few months or even a few years. There are plenty of opportunities for your long term stay in Estepona in some wonderful apartments or some real hacienda’s


Estepona is a town situated in Southern Spain. The place covers a total estimated area of 137 square kilometres. Estepona is surrounded by mountains of Sierra Bermeja and the Mediterranean Sea. Estepona speciality is its overwhelming beaches. With a natural climate, the town experiences 325 days of sunshine each year. Estepona is a perfect holiday destination for families.

You should consider a visit to Estepona to spend your holidays without regrets. Follow the suggestions and you are assured a fun and memorable journey.