Travel Hounds is what we call ourselves and traveling is what we do. We found food to be very important during our travels. We love trying new food and we love eating great food. At Travel Hounds we are tracking the world’s best travel destinations for you, our fellow travelers.

We have come to realize it’s not possible for us to travel the entire world. We, therefore, have to make choices as to where we travel next. Besides the destination itself, food has become an important second factor for us to select our new traveling destination. In short:

Where there is great food we want to travel and when we travel we want great food

Our Mission on Travel Hounds

As you must have learned by now we do not only love to travel but we also love to eat. Fortunately for you we also love sharing. We feel every human being becomes a wiser and probably kinder person by understanding the way ‘other’ people live their lives. We hope to inspire you to travel more by combining the greatest destinations with the greatest food and wonderful learnings. That’s it!