The holiday season is approaching rapidly so it’s high time to start booking plane tickets to your holiday destination and start packing. No matter what kind of vacation you’re planning — an around Europe trip with friends or a short weekend getaway with a loved one — there are some essential things that you just can’t go without. If you want to make your travel experience truly unforgettable and avoid last-minute mishaps, check out this article and find out what to pack for your upcoming vacation. What about the best small camera for travel?

Canon Powershot best Small Camera for Travel

Best Small Camera for Travel

Vacations are a time to make memories so the first item on your list of essentials should definitely be a camera. So what to look for in a travel camera, you might ask? How to make the right decision? Here are some of the essential features to look for in a travel camera.

The first thing to note is the size of the camera. There’s really no need to take with you something as bulky and expensive as a DSLR camera. When traveling you want to be constantly on the go. The best small camera for travel is one that fits in your pocket and at the same time produces decent quality pictures for your memories to last. A small and lightweight camera is easy to hold in your hand and carry around. You can take it with you pretty much everywhere without attracting unwanted attention which might happen with a more professional looking big camera. Also, some places might not allow professional filming equipment, so sporting a DSLR camera with a giant lens may give people the wrong idea.

You’ll want to figure out what kind of settings you want to have in your camera. If you’re not a professional photographer you really don’t want to get bothered and probably just use the automatic mode on your camera. But take your pictures to the next level with manual settings. Take a few evenings out of your busy schedule to figure out all the buttons on your camera and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. With the right settings, you can take pictures that require zero editings and look as if they were taken with a high-end camera. It’s all about the skill and not the price of your equipment.

A simple point-and-shoot camera is really all you need. Some travelers though like to get a little more adventurous and choose action cameras to capture their travels. You can get the popular GoPro or go for something cheaper. There are plenty of great alternatives that you can order online from China for as little as $50 and get an assortment of accessories to go along with your camera like a chest mount or a monopod.

Editor’s Choice for the Best Small Camera for Travel

  • Canon PowerShot ELPH 180
  • Sony Cybershot WX220
  • Panasonic Lumix GX80 / GX85
  • EKEN H9R/H9

Best Travel Purse for Europe

Best Travel Purse & Bag

Packing for holidays is always an unnerving chore. You don’t want to forget anything but wouldn’t want to later regret bringing things that you never had a chance to use for the whole of your vacation. No matter, how far you’re going, and how long you’re planning on staying, you’ll need a travel purse to carry your belongings for the time being. Bus tours across Europe have always been popular among tourists, especially students who are hunting for new experiences. It’s a great opportunity to visit many incredible places in a relatively short period of time. It might sound like a revelation for first-time travelers, but seasoned tourists will tell you that alongside your luggage it’s important to bring a travel purse to keep by your side at all times.

The best travel purse for your Europe trip should be compact, comfortable, and theft proof. Many tourists opt for rucksacks instead of shoulder bags to prevent back pain from constant strain on one shoulder. On the other hand, shoulder bags might be more your thing if you want to have easier access to your bag and be able to fish out your sunglasses or a cereal bar to snack on without taking off your bag every time you need something. Look for a travel purse made of slash resistant fabric, with lockable zippers and secret compartments to keep your passport and money safe from thieves who are on the lookout for gullible tourists.

Best Small Camera For Travel

Editor’s Choice for the Best Travel Purse

  • Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag
  • Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Anti Theft Shoulder Bag
  • Baggallini Anti Theft Convertible Backpack
  • Pacsafe Slingsafe LX300 Anti-Theft Backpack

Best Travel Sandals for Women Naot

Best Travel Sandals

If it’s not your first time traveling, surely, you know that in order to get the most out of your experience, you want to spend as much time as possible wandering around new places, sightseeing and people watching. For that, you’ll need comfortable and durable footwear. Since summer is almost upon us, your top choice should be sandals.

Best Small Camera For Travel

When looking for the right shoes to wear while traveling there are a few things to keep in mind. The best travel sandals for your adventures should be durable, comfortable and supportive. Sandals can be made of different materials — real or faux leather, braided rope, nylon, cork or rubber for the soles. As long as your shoes are sitting snuggly on your feet and don’t give you blisters, you’re all good.

Gladiator style sandals with straps that go around your ankle are a great choice for long walks around town. If you’re planning on going to the beach, you might want to wear flip-flops so that you could easily kick them off and enjoy some soft sand and warm ocean waves on your feet. For those who like to get the most out of their vacation and aren’t strangers to hiking, closed-toe sandals would be a perfect fit. That style of sandals covers more of your foot so you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting yourself on a sharp rock or a stick while conquering yet another mountain top.

Editor’s Choice for Travel Sandals for Women

  • Naot Women’s Sabrina Flat Sandal
  • ECCO Womens Flash T-Strap Gladiator Sandal
  • Teva Women’s Olowahu Flip-Flop
  • KEEN Whisper (adventure)

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Best Small Camera For Travel