New York City is a treasure-trove of western art, entertainment, and fashion. People visiting this dream city has so many things to do, see and enjoy. New York is also known for its food scenes. An escape to New York is incomplete without some of the world’s best food. We traveled from Vancouver and were spending quite some time finding a flight from Vancouver to New York. After all, we want to fly for the right value for money.

People visiting this vibrant city have endless options to eat. From boutique restaurants to roadside cafes, everything is available out there to satisfy your food gastronomy. You will find eating joints according to your budget level. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, a culinary retreat in NYC will be an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for a New York-style pizza, the best sushi or wondering for the best breakfast in NYC, options are countless. It is an exciting idea to plan an escape to New York for a Culinary Retreat. Let’s dive deeper and find out the city’s best eating joints satisfying food lovers.

Best Sushi in New York

Top 3 Places to Visit for the Best Breakfast in New York City


Buvette is a favorite choice for many searching for the best breakfast, New York City. This bistro is located in the West Village and was established in 2011 by Chef Jody Williams. It has a restaurant, bar, and cafe combined in the same building. For breakfast, you can try multi-grain toast with smashed avocado, yogurt with muesli, steamed eggs with prosciutto and their expresso. This french-inspired cafe is an excellent place to enjoy early morning breakfast to kick-start an energetic day.

Best breakfast in New York City


Landmarc is a nice restaurant for enjoying the best breakfast in New York City. This restaurant is located in the Times Warner Center near the Columbus Circle. You can try oatmeal with brown sugar and eggs benedict meal from their menu for breakfast. The restaurant also offers a separate food menu for children. Thus, it is an ideal place to visit with family and enjoy it.


The Augustine Restaurant is another great place to enjoy a delicious breakfast in New York City. It is located away from the city’s hustle-bustle in Beekman St on the ground floor of the Beekman Hotel. Avocado toast, pastries, gluten-free granola with a large selection of tea, coffee and juices are the top pickers from their breakfast menu. This is a place to visit and have the best breakfast, New York City. Keep in mind the best is not always the most affordable.

Top 3 restaurants to visit for New York Style Pizza

Emmy Squared

If you are a Pizza fan, visit Emmy Squared in NYC and it will not disappoint you. Located in Williamsburg, they specialize in baking New York Style Pizza. Over here you find square crust, thick and juicy pizza to satisfy your taste buds. This restaurant opened in 2016 and offers a large selection of pizza on their menu to choose from.

Best Pizza in New York City


Roberta’s is a popular place to find New York Style Pizza. It is located in Bushwick and at a couple of other places in NYC. This restaurant has been operational since 2008 and delighting all pizza lovers with their freshly oven-baked pizza. Their delicious, cheesy pizzas come with a crispy crust for you to try and enjoy.


Lucali is another popular name among the pizza restaurants in NYC baking New York Style Pizza. It was opened in 2006 in Brooklyn and gained popularity among tourists and locals alike. If you want to eat a New York Style pizza in a luxury environment, this is the restaurant where you should visit. They offer an amazing fine dine experience to all pizza lovers in NYC. So, visit this place and enjoy eating your favorite slice freshly baked from their oven.

Besides great Italians, there are also a few excellent Mexican restaurants in New York, most are located in Brooklyn. An escape to New York should also rally include some great Mexican food. In case you have some time left, make sure to check these best restaurants out.


Top 4 Sushi for your Escape to New York

When you want to try Japanese food for a culinary retreat in New York City, the options are plenty. The city has a large number of Japanese restaurants serving the best Sushi with an authentic taste. Let’s explore the top four restaurants for the best sushi, New York City.


Shuko is one of the city’s most popular sushi restaurant. This is a twenty-seat sushi counter serving traditional Japanese food, edamame sushi. It is topped with Soy Sauce and accompanied by rice. They use a variety of seafood to prepare Sushi in the authentic Japanese style.

Sushi Ginza Onodera

Sushi Ginza Onodera is a great place for the best Sushi in New York City. They prepare sushi in an exotic variety having amazing taste to please your taste buds. They are a popular restaurant to serve cold sushi in the city. So, make sure you visit this restaurant and try out authentic Japanese food.

Great Sushi in the city of Frank Sinatra

Sushi Noz

Sushi Noz is a popular Sushi restaurant where you can find edamame-style sushi. They prepare it from fresh seafood having an authentic taste. This is a luxurious sushi restaurant with exceptional food quality and hospitality. Therefore, make sure to visit this Japanese restaurant and enjoy great food during your escape to New York.

Sushi Yasuda

Sushi Yasuda is a nice traditional style Japanese restaurant. This is a popular place to get Sushi nigiri. You can hover around their menu to choose the best Sushi as the options are plenty. This restaurant remains crowded most of the time. It is therefore advisable to book a table in advance.

Wrapping it Up…

When you are planning to escape to New York for a Culinary Retreat, the options are plenty. Decide what you want to eat as there are uncountable choices. Start your day with a gorgeous breakfast at our recommended restaurants. For mid-day meal or brunch, try visiting any of the pizza or sushi restaurants spread all over the city. We have also mentioned a few names that top the list. Therefore, explore the city’s attractions and enjoy eating great food for a memorable experience. If you are heading to Ohio we also have some great options.