Cyprus may not be the first country that springs to mind when planning a golf getaway in Europe.  The likes of Spain, Italy and Portugal have dominated thanks to their warm weather, beautiful surroundings and numerous challenging courses.  But Cyprus has been gathering momentum as a leading golf destination for a number of years.

With year-round perfect weather and a number of international grade courses, there are increasing reasons to book a golfing holiday on the island.

Great Weather on the coast of Cyprus

Unbeatable for winter golf and great Cyprus Weather

Few countries can compete with Cyprus for winter weather.  If you want to escape somewhere warm(ish) in the winter months you can expect a comfortable climate on the island of Cyprus.

In November average temperatures are around 17 C or 62.6 F with just 3-5 days of rainfall.  Similar temperatures can be enjoyed through to January, though the chance of rain increases slightly.

While much of Europe can still be freezing in March, temperatures on the island are a comfortable 20 C or 68 F.

Girl looking at flighs finding her flight to Cyprus

Excellent flight & transport links

Cyprus is very well connected to airports all over Europe, from the UK to Germany, Denmark and Russia.  Paphos International Airport in the south is well-positioned for easy access to some of the best golf courses on the island: Aphrodite Hills, Elea Golf Club and Secret Valley to name a few.  Good road networks and affordable taxis make exploring the island relatively stress-free.

Beautiful old Orthodox chruch in Cyprus

Beautiful surroundings

Cyprus is a beautiful island blessed with near-perfect weather year-round.  It’s one of the draws that brings in millions of holidaymakers every year.  The sweeping hills, mountains and clear waters of the Mediterranean provide stunning backdrops to the islands golf courses.

International standard golf courses

Courses on Cyprus stand up well against some of the best in the world, providing rewarding and challenging play, surrounded by excellent backdrops.

Aphrodite Hills Golf Club Cyprus

Aphrodite Hills

Designed by critically acclaimed architect Cabell B Robinson in 2002 this course has held up well on the global scene – to critical acclaim. Nestled into the stunning hills on the Cyprus coastline Aphrodite Hills boasts spectacular views of the Mediterranean.  It’s a challenging course and makes for a very enjoyable game, one of the standout features being the dramatic ravine at hole 7.  Aphrodite Hills is the island’s first and only PGA National Cyprus Course.  The hugely popular resort has featured among the top 100 in Europe, netting an honourable 35th spot in 2018. Find out some of the benefits of staying at Aphrodite Hills here.

Elea Golf Club

A challenging golf course, thanks in part to input from one of the world’s most successful Ryder cup players: Sir Nick Faldo.           Set in a magnificent backdrop of the surrounding hills that draws in golfers from all over the world.  Elea is often rated as the best course in Cyprus, making it a top play.

Secret Valley Golf Course, a wonderful secret

Secret Valley Golf Course

Meandering through a stunning valley of coloured Sty Kingly rock formations Secret Valley is an enjoyable course of varied play and numerous challenges to keep you on your guard.  The location offers spectacular shadows in the early mornings and evenings, a welcome break from the heat of the day.  Overall the playability and incredible location have served to consistently draw in golfers and put the course at the top rank in Cyprus on numerous occasions.

Secret Valley enjoyed a welcomed boost to its prestige in 2013 when it was redesigned by prestigious architects: Hans-Georg Erhardt, Snorri Vilhjalmsson and Tony Jacklin.

Minhills Cyprus Golf

Minthis Golf Club

The oldest golf course in Cyprus, Minthis is playable for all levels and it’s 550m elevation above sea level provides a welcome refreshing breeze on hot days, as well as an added challenge on windy ones.  The course drew increased attention and popularity after being refurbished by Mackenzie and Bert in 2018.


If you’re planning a golf holiday in Cyprus, you can be sure of several things; Spectacular weather, enjoyable and varied golf and a wealth of culture.  Cyprus is also possibly one of the safest countries to visit for golf post-Coronavirus in Europe and could be a good option when circumstances allow for a last-minute golf break.