Cappadocia, in Turkey called Kapadokya, is one of those places you must have visited when traveling to Turkey. The are is mostly famous for two things. One of those things is the cave-like architecture of the houses. The houses are carved out of the mountain which gives a wonderful sight. The other one is an activity that all tourists seem to take part in when traveling to Cappadocia. This is a tour in a hot air balloon over the area. We will explain to you why this is so popular and why you should do it too when you go to this lovely area in Turkey. Of course, you should also do a Cappadocia Tour visiting all the best sites for sightseeing.

How to get to Cappadocia from Istanbul?

A lot of people like combining a trip to Istanbul with a trip to Cappadocia. This is very much possible, but for most people, this means an extra flight. The distance between the capital city of Turkey and the Cappadocia region is simply too far to drive for most of us. To look for flights from Istanbul airport to Cappadocia airport you have to search for Goreme or Nerede. It can help sometimes to search for the Turkish names which are Kapadokya Nerede or Kapadokya Nevsehir. This option usually works out quite a lot cheaper too compared to renting a car in Istanbul and driving to the region. It’s not only the wisest thing to do timewise but also budget-wise.

What to do in Cappadocia?

As discussed above the two main attractions in Cappadocia are a flight on a hot air balloon and a visit to the Cave like houses in Goreme National Park. In the bedrock cave hotel, you can spend the night in one of these cave houses. A special experience where you are well protected against the hot sun.

When the sun is going down it is a good time to start a hot air balloon flight. This way it is not too hot and you can enjoy the wonderful views while the sun goes down. It goes without saying that this is a very romantic thing to do, so these tours are mainly done by couples. Most air balloon tours offer some nice extras such as champaign or breakfast for the early rides when the sun just comes up. You can check some great visit Cappadocia balloon tour companies on TripAdvisor. Keep in mind prices vary greatly and they start from around USD 200.

What else is there in the Cappadocia Region?

Another few great examples of must-visit sights in this beautiful Turkish region are the Devrent Valley and the Kaymakli Underground City. This underground network of tunnels and houses was first opened to the public in 1964. It is one of the largest underground cities in Europe and Asia, but only a small part of it is accessible to the public. The city is believed to have been built in the 8th or 7th century B.C. and has been preserved very well. This is very special to witness and definitely worth a visit.

The Pasabag Valley is also a great valley to visit in the Cappadocia region

The Devrent Valley is one of the most beautiful Valleys in Cappadocia

Devrent is Turkish for imaginary. The valley is also known as the imaginary valley or the pink valley. This is due to the pink moon-like rocky landscape and the way some of the rocks are carved. It is said that when you use a little bit of your imagination these rocks seem to be carved like animals by the elements. You will not find any other landscape like this in the Eurasian continent. You will enjoy visiting this valley for sure.