Perhaps you have seen some wonderful videoś or pictures come by on Facebook or Instagram. Tourists swimming with cute pigs in a  beautiful ocean. Both tourists and pigs seem to be very happy. We thought it looked amazing and wondered; where is pig island? It turns out there is not one, but two pig islands in the world.

The Most Well Known Pig Island

After doing a little research we found out there are in fact two places in the world where one can swim with cute pigs. The largest and more well-known pig island is in the Bahamas. In fact, it is called Pig Beach and is located on the island Exuma. This island is not inhabited by humans, so other than tourists the pigs are its main residents.

The Lesser-known in Thailand

Thailand has many islands. Perhaps it is not surprising that you ‘ll find at least one with pigs on it. The Thai word for island is “Koh” so when you are planning on visiting Thailand you’ll know you usually need a boat to places starting with this word.

Pig Island Koh Madsum in Thailand

The Thai pig island is called Koh Madsum. In contrast to the more well-known pig island in the Bahamas, this island offers much more than running around with pigs. It is for example also a great location for scuba divers. The beautiful clean white beaches and crystal clear water also make it a wonderful location to enjoy the quiet life. Personally, we also feel this island is relatively undiscovered by most tourists. If you decide to go to Thailand, we recommend you to visit this beautiful island. You won regret it.

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