Breakfast is the most important part of your everyday meal. There is no need to skip it, particularly when you are in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not all about fun, nightlife and unlimited excitement. This Sin City can also delight you with an amazing culinary retreat. Start right from the breakfast table for an amazing gastronomical delight when you are in Vegas. We have selected the five best restaurants to have the Best breakfast in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas daytime attractions include fountains, volcanoes and museums. Similarly, the two and a half-mile strip excite travellers during the night. It is, therefore, a brilliant idea to start your day with a brilliant breakfast. The city houses several restaurants serving breakfast around the clock. From home-style dishes to French and American breakfast, everything is available to curve your hunger during the mornings.

When there are restaurants lined around, it is important to know where to find Best Breakfast in Las Vegas to kick start your day. Personally we think it is fun to not have breakfast in your Las Vegas Hotels, but to go out and find the coolest places to eat. We have done our research to make the list ready for you. Let’s find out what the city’s best breakfast joints are and where you must eat during your visit to this desert city.

How to get to the best Breakfast Places

In Vegas, it is not always easy to use public transportation. Don’t get us wrong the services are fine, however, the distances are quite large. We, therefore, find that a car is the ideal form of transport in Las Vegas. If you live in the United States, you might use your own vehicle. For most of you, this is probably not the case. A rental car would then be the best solution for you.

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Five best breakfast restaurants, Las Vegas

EGG and I

This is not a boutique restaurant but their food will definitely relish your taste buds. To enjoy the best breakfast in Las Vegas, you must visit here. Order anything like omelettes, blueberry pancakes or Eggs Benedict from their breakfast menu. The restaurant also serves Hawaiian Style dishes. So, try them during breakfast and start a brilliant day full of energy.


Pantry is a popular place to find the nicest breakfast in Las Vegas. It is also the only food joint that is open in Mirage, round the clock. They prepare mouth-licking food using all fresh ingredients. Their breakfast menu includes Sandwiches, buttermilk pancakes, Eggs Benedict and other items to give you amazing savoury treats. If you are looking for restaurants serving the most wonderful foods in Las Vegas, one name is definitely Pantry.

Starting your day well with a great breakfast

Mon Ami Gabi

If you want to taste authentic French cuisine and wine, visit this French Restaurant. Order fresh fruit basket, french omelettes or coffee from their breakfast menu. Similarly, order Bananas Foster waffles or chicken and mushroom crepe to keep you full for the day. This restaurant is conveniently located near the famous Las Vegas Strip. Therefore, locating this place for the best breakfast Las Vegas is easy.

Jamm’s Restaurant

Jamm’s is a friendly restaurant. It is a popular eating joint to enjoy a lavish breakfast in Las Vegas. They specialize in serving a wide range of homestyle meals. From burgers, sandwiches to Skillet meals, the restaurant’s menu offers a wide selection of items. You will always find this place crowded as here you get the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

Mr Mamas

Mr Mamas is not very far from the Strip. They specialise in serving American style breakfast. From the breakfast menu order pancakes, bacon, burgers or your favourite wraps. These are prepared fresh and fits perfectly for your breakfast plate. So, visit this family-friendly restaurant to end your search for the most superb breakfast in Las Vegas.

When we name so many foods, it will definitely make you feel hungry. Visit Las Vegas and try eating out at these places. We recommend them as they specialize in serving the greatest breakfast in the city. In case you are also travelling to the other side of the country be sure to check out the best breakfast in New York City too.